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Sea quality in the area of Istria has been monitored continuously since 1988. Based on years-long examination, the criteria of sea quality have been introduced, classifying it into four categories marked by different colours. Blue colour marks high quality sea, green colour marks the sea acceptable for bathing, yellow colour marks moderately polluted sea, while red marks heavily polluted sea. These criteria tend to point out the coastal areas with very clean sea. It is precisely the blue colour that makes the basis of the Blue Flag project which aims at preserving sea and shore. Beaches and marinas with Blue Flags are the ones with clean sea, quality services and equipment, and in order to be recognized as such they have to meet numerous criteria of the sea and shore preservation project which has been implemented in Europe since 1987, and since the year 2000 even in the rest of the world. The award is given for the period of 1 year and has to be earned every year. This year on Brulo Beach in Poreč one more Blue Flag, 21st in a row, was hoisted ceremoniously. Twenty beaches in the area of Poreč proudly show off their Blue Flags, the beaches of Plava laguna (Blue Lagoon) boast 9, and those of the Poreč Riviera 8 of them. There is one more flaunting in the marina, while the town beaches have 3. For as long as 12 years Poreč has been included in the international project for the preservation of sea and coastal area as well as safe beaches and shoreline. From year to year the town tends to prove how much it contributes to the welfare of its citizens and guests. We are proud to say out loud that 20% of all the Blue Flags in Croatia belong to Poreč!

Beach Donji Spadici

Donji Spadici is an urban beach, located 2 km north from the city of Porec, between two hotels, in the vicinity of a sport center. The beach is a low combination of pebbles, cement and rocks. The beach was significantly renovated last year – coastal support walls were added, as well as paved surfaces for sunbathing and new stairs for sea access. The beach and the nearby hotels promotes sustainable transportation, by organizing small trains to transport the guests, and by having arranged bike and walking tours. There are no sensitive areas nearby. The beach has life-guards, life-saving facilities, first-aid, recycable waste facilties, lockers, etc. Life-guards are present from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.(June 1-September 30). There is a bulletin board (info on conditions on the beach, results of sampling, map of sampling points, cultural and protected heritage, etc), camp reception disseminating all relevant information, eco-activities (waste collection and transportation, energy saving, eco- messages), signs, gazettes, regulations.

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The Borik beach, from which there is a view of the peninsula and the historical heart of the city of Porec, is located in the area of a tourist settlement on the edge of the northern part of the city center of Porec. Paved paths surrounding the accommodation facilities lead to the beach through parks with tall pine trees. The beach is low-lying, partly pebbly, partly constructed and it is mostly used by the guests of the nearby hotels.It has enterances into the sea which are adapted using stairs made of stone with metal hand holds. . Access to the beach is ensured my means of asphalted paths and stairs. Since the beach is located near the hotels, it has all the facilities, such as sanitary facilities, accommodation and sports facilities, changing cabins and children playground, life-saving and first-aid equipment, recycable waste facilities, etc.The beach participates in local and regional actions on environmental education in cooperation with Eco-schools and tourism board, such as cleaning actions and information about protected species. The beach will display environmental information on several boards, including the one in the camp and on the beach itself.

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Gradsko kupaliste Porec

Gradsko kupaliste is a stone slab paved urban beach, situated in a community with the largest number of Blue Flags. The beach has lifeguards, life-saving equipment, first-aid, facilities for the disabled, sport facilities, renting facilities, catering facilities. The lifeguards are present from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (June 1-September 30). There are no sensitive areas nearby, the beach is located in an urban setting, 1 km southern from the center of the city of Porec, beside the beach there is a suburb area, Porec south, on the northern side of the beach is Porec marina. On the south there is a tourist village Brulo. The coast of the beach is 1300 m long. The coast is rocky with many creeks.

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The Brulo beach is a partly rocky, partly built resort beach, situated in the tourist resort Brulo, on the southern edge of the city of Porec. The beach has paved areas for sunbathing. Between the rocky part and the catering facilities, there is a part of beach that is covered with grass. The resort and the beach are surrounded by pine trees, cypress trees and oak woods. The Brulo beach is connected to the main city beach, which had a Blue Flag last year and is re-applying this year as well. Different activities on the beach are cleary zoned. The beach can be safely reached by pedestrian paths. There are parking lots in front of nearby hotels. There are no sensitive areas nearby. The beach has sanitary facilities for the disabled, as well as the pool (at the hotel), life-saving equipment, first aid (small clinic at the hotel), showers, phones, rental facilities, catering facilities, recycyable waste facilities, etc. The beach takes part in different educational activities, such as cleaning actions, information on protected species, cooperation with the Faculty of Tourism, etc.
Date of flag hoisting: June 5 (unless a criterion has not been met)

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