Roman street layout

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Poreč, a town of culture, tourism, sport and entertainment, has been recognized for its historical importance and beauty. The city’s long and turbulent history has shaped its architecture and the lively local culture. Once named Parentium, this town was shaped by the Romans, who built planned towns that had a regular orthogonal street layout i.e. all the streets were crossing at a right angle building rectangular blocks From Ancient Roman times to the present day more than two thousand years have passed, and the streets of Poreč continue to preserve their original architecture, especially the former main Roman street of Decumanus Maximus and Cardo Maxiums. By entering the historic center of Poreč, you have stepped on 2000-year-old streets that were once walked on by ancient Romans. In this dazzling historic center, Boutique Hotel Melissa found the perfect place to accommodate every culture lover who’s exploring the beauties of Poreč. The home away from home atmosphere of Hotel Melissa can be experienced in the spacious and comfortable rooms along with the friendliness of the staff, who will give you a warm welcome. The combination of the perfect accommodation in Boutique Hotel Melissa and the rich culture of Poreč make it the perfect travel destination.