Poreč through time

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By choosing Poreč as a vacation destination, you are choosing a city with a rich and diverse history that dates back to prehistoric times. With each step in Poreč, you travel through the history of this fascinating city, which will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression on you. Picuga and the top of Sveta Anela were fortified settlements, from which the locals could defend themselves against the enemy. Later Greek records attest to a small fishing village that the Romans would turn into their Iulia Parentium colony. The ruins of rustic villas, ancient temples, and its urban core bear witness to the Roman Empire’s influence. Years of colonization and invasion of Pore followed, beginning with the Byzantine Empire and continuing with the Venetian Republic, Napoleon, and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, Poreč is the capital of Istria and the seat of the Istrian Parliament, as well as a city with a colorful history and beautiful scenery that offers every visitor authentic experiences that they will never forget.