Poreč is a city packed with extraordinary architecture and artwork, which is a result of its turbulent and interesting history that reaches as far back as prehistoric times. The historic core of Poreč offers a true experience of times past when Romans alongside other nations walked the streets and shaped the town to its current state. Monuments worth visiting, beside of course the UNESCO protected Euphrasian Basilica, are various palaces the town possesses. The Gothic palace, built in1473, features a stone facade built in floral Gothic. The facade of this two-storey Palace is embellished by single- and triple lancet windows. Through history, a number of then reputable and rich families built their palaces along the main town street. Some of them have been well-preserved until today including this one on number 5, whose inner layout is divided into several residential units. They include the palaces on number 10, 15 and 30 along Decumanus. On the corner of Decumanus and Cardo is the Zuccatto Palace, today a gallery. The town of Poreč actually has architecture which is very similar to one you can find in Venice, making in the perfect destination if you would like a bit of Venetian atmosphere. The history, beautiful scenery, gorgeous climate and perfect accommodation in the Boutique Hotel Melissa, accompanied by excellent services, make Poreč the ideal holiday destination.