Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Centre of Poreč

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Poreč, along with Pula, was the first Roman colony in Istria. To this day, it preserves the ancient layout of the streets and the remains of a Roman temple, and is known throughout the world for its sixth-century basilica. The Euphrasian Basilica is one of the best preserved early Christian structures and the best examples of early Byzantine architecture in the Mediterranean region. Because of its universal value and importance it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. Built during the time of Bishop Euphrasius in the 6th century it includes an atrium, baptistery, bishop’s palace and remains of sacral buildings dating from the 3rd to the 4th centuries. The greatest treasure of the Euphrasian basilica are the magnificent mosaics made of colorful stones that still keep their brightness and freshness even today. If you feel a bit curious, it is possible to climb up to the steeple and view Poreč and its breathtaking surroundings. This one of a kind historic monument is a must-see when visiting Poreč, and if you are looking for the perfect accommodation during your visit be sure to remember Boutique Hotel Melissa that will delight you with its home-away- from- home atmosphere.