If you are an avid cycler, Poreč is the destination for you. Those who love nature will surely equally enjoy the bike paths which stretch along the seashore as well as those which go through the rural hinterland, Mediterranean forests, alongside the ruins of castles, prehistoric hill forts, churches and rustic villas.
You can tour the city of Poreč by bike, stop and rest by touring the immenseEuphrasian Basilica but also head towards trails that will uncover Istria’s natural beauty and lead you to the mysterious underground world of the Baredine Caves. The pleasure of cycling can surely be found on the trail that the professional cyclists whizzed through on the second section of the world elite race, the Giro d’Italia.

As early as the winter months when travelling in Istria you will see cycling teams taking advantage of the favourable climate for training programs. Well-marked routes are at the disposal of all cyclists, who can choose easier or more challenging routes based on their ability.
During your stay in Poreč you can try one of numerous races, from recreational to professional as rated on the World Cycling Federation calendar.

An exciting history and beautiful panoramas will reward your every effort, and everything starts and ends in – Poreč!

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Ride time: 3,20 h
Length: 45 km
Altitude: 262 m
Trail description: medium


Ride time: 4 h
Length: 48 km
Altitude: 206 m
Trail description: medium


Ride time: 0,30 h
Length: 6,4 km
Altitude: 83 m
Trail description: easy